California Crime Victims Coalition

To participate in Shop With a Cop, please contact your local Law Enforcement agency. 

Shop with a Cop provides a fun day for a number of underprivileged children while creating positive relationships with law enforcement. The program benefits disadvantaged or neglected children at various events held in early December. This unique shopping experience for the children may be an opportunity that deters them from choosing a life of crime or violence. The participating children are identified by schools, churches, youth organizations, and social services agencies. On the day of the event, uniformed officers from various local and state offices volunteer their time to be with the children for lunch at a designated destination then the children will participate in a law enforcement procession and head to a store for shopping with their “Partner for the Day”. Each child will shop for their family as well as themselves.

The purpose of this event is to provide a happier Christmas season to these children and to have the children interact with law enforcement officers in a positive setting. The shopping trips are beneficial for law enforcement, too, as the climate around the country has taken on an increasingly wary attitude toward law enforcement. We firmly believe that our Shop with a Cop program fosters positive relationships with our youth which in turn deters them from choosing a path of criminal behavior.

Donations from the community are our financial backbone for this program. Without you supporting us, this program does not exist. You are truly what make this a successful event for the kids.” Donations are now being accepted to help as many children participate as possible for 2015. 

100% of all monies received threw the gofundme campaign will go directly to a child/ family in need.



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