Supporting Those Who Keep Us Safe.           Est. 2002

California Crime Victims Coalition

“Our Promise” speaks clearly to the past (serving California since 1957) and its ongoing pledge to helping those in need of support and assistance across the state.

Contributing to Our Promise is your investment in the lives of your neighbors and community through the thousands of eligible 501(c)(3) charities listed in the Our Promise Donor Resource Guide. However this year The Crime Victims Coalition can be found in that guide, and gives you a second option to donate to your friends in law enforcement.

You can spread your gift throughout the year with the convenient option of payroll deduction for as little as $5 a month. By electing payroll deduction, this provides us with a consistent cash flow to assist them us provide programs and services that can change people’s lives.

Monthly recurring donations allow non-profits to leverage their dollars further. Join us in contributing to this year’s Our Promise initiative. There is no better way to help so many people in need. Together your contributions will support the long and proud history of fulfilling this; and together your financial contributions will create a fresh and vibrant future with new opportunities, connections and participation for years to come.

​When you donate to The Crime Victims Coalition through the Our Promise Campaign, more than 99 cents of every dollar you donate will be spent on program and just one cent or less will be spent on fundraising and administration.

​This year the Crime Victims Coalition has issued a special challenge to the California Department of Corrections.